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At stanford finance Holdings we’re passionate about the transformative impact R&D tax incentives can have on a business. Our strategic advice ensures our clients get the credit their innovation deserves and secures them vital funding to accelerate their growth plans.

Are you already claiming your R&D tax relief?

Unleash the full potential of your investment in innovation.

You’re already benefiting from R&D tax relief, but are you confident that you’re getting everything you deserve from this powerful incentive? Some R&D tax advisers are better than others – work with Stanford Finance Holdings to unlock more value now and long into the future.

Are you making your first R&D tax credit claim?

Get the credit you deserve for your investment in innovation.

If you’re new to this government incentive, we’d love to help you make an R&D tax credit claim. Use the benefit you receive to take on more ambitious projects, hire new staff and grow your business. Unlock substantial tax relief or a cash credit for doing R&D

Are you facing an HMRC enquiry into your R&D tax credit claim?

Our expert team will resolve your HMRC R&D enquiry

Access unrivalled specialist technical expertise when you need it most. We will resolve your enquiry efficiently with the best possible result for your business. Outcome-focused enquiry support for SMEs and large companies tailored to your needs. Hire more skilled staff

Our People

As the UK’s premier provider of specialist R&D tax credit advice, we offer unrivalled technical and sector expertise. Our team – including chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, lawyers, sector specialists and former-HMRC inspectors – is what sets us apart.
Stanford team offers specialist technical expertise. We’re chartered and combine specialist R&D tax credit knowledge with real passion, enthusiasm and energy for helping innovative businesses grow. Our team is 130+ strong and comprises chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, lawyers, sector specialists, former HMRC inspectors and quality assurance experts.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to help innovative businesses grow using R&D tax incentives. We’re privileged to see first-hand the positive impact that R&D tax credits can have on a business.

Giving your business a culture of R&D means more innovation: safer risk-taking, larger claims, and overall business growth. Many of our clients use their R&D tax credit to hire new STEM talent and embark on even more ambitious R&D projects.


Get the credit you deserve and fuel your growth

R&D tax credits have the potential to transform your business. We’d love to find out more about your business and discuss how we might be able to help. Speak to our team of chartered tax advisers, sector specialists and former HMRC inspectors today.

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Unmatched specialist technical firepower

When you work with Stanford Finance Holdings you’ll find our people energetic and passionate. We pride ourselves not only on our technical tax knowledge but also our client service and in-depth sector expertise. 130+ team of chartered tax advisers, sector specialists, former HMRC inspectors and lawyers all focus on one thing only: R&D tax relief.

How we work with you

Stanford Finance Holdings can help no matter where you are on your R&D tax credit journey.  We can offer advisory support in the form of one-off consultancy projects, or a fully end-to-end R&D tax credit claim service. We use a rigorous, continually improving process informed by policy-level insights. Built-in quality assurance maximizes your R&D tax credit claim and protects you from risk.